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Top 10 TikTok Photographers

By Shelby Leimgruber

Who doesn’t love seeing photographers work their magic? With the rise of TikTok content, talented photographers are not only able to showcase their work, but also the process behind it. From modeling with strangers to photography hacks, we get to see the behind-the-scenes look into these creative journeys. In this article, we will be discussing the top ten TikTok photographers and analyze how these influencers make their work stand out among the rest and capture those picture-perfect moments.

1. Jordi Koalitic


#blacklivesmatter 1 or 2 ? 👆🏼 #endracism #justice #photomagic #jordikoalitic

♬ Childish Gambino – This Is America / Post Malone – Congratulations – carneyval

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Jordi Koalitic is a photographer who specializes in macroscopic angles and wide-length shots. Many of his TikToks show back-to-back frames that showcase the behind the scenes action and then his final product. Some of his most popular TikToks are ones where he uses everyday household items to capture mind-blowing shots. With underlying cool undertones and contrasts, Jordi’s photography style can be described as vivid, breathtaking and dreamlike.

2. Alex Stemplewski

@alex.stemp##travelthrowback When I asked a mom in downtown San Francisco if I could photograph her daughter ##photographyeverday ##neverfitin♬ Memories – Maroon 5

Alex Stemplewski certainly has no fear of talking with strangers, because those are his models! With his crystal clear lens, this influencer goes up to random people on the streets and asks to do spontaneous shoots with individuals or groups of friends. The result? Spectacular photographs that could be on the front of Vogue magazine. Viewers can also find joy in seeing the strangers’ reactions when they see the pictures of themselves.

3. Derrek Harris

@derrek.harrisThey didn’t think they would be good models so I showed them how ##neverfitin ##streetphotography ##strangeradventures♬ hot girl bummer – blackbear

Photographer Derrek Harris also loves to engage with strangers on the streets to create stunning visuals and awe-inspiring looks. However, the photography guru also likes to step it up a notch by taking his guests to nearby Instagram-worthy locations such as light museums and neon signs. Traveling all across the United States, this influencer is truly making his mark by providing memorable and authentic photographs for those who just so happen to run into him.

4. Nikita Deft

@nikitadeftWhat will be if I’ll create a reverse video with a flower ? 🌟 Check it out INST: nikitadeft♬ оригинальный звук – nikitadeft

Street photographer Nikita Deft loves to create much edgier shots using simple props, but the results are just as significant. Throughout his TikTok clips, viewers are able to directly see his creative process behind actually creating the objects used in his pictures. He is also a world traveler and loves to add some swaggy moves to show off his expertise when taking pictures.

5. Kyle Nutt

@kylenutt117Using a 🍌 to get cool pics 🤯 Posting the results on my insta!! @kylenutt ##fyp ##photo ##photomagic♬ Lose Control – Meduza

Kyle Nutt’s TikToks also consist of many behind-the-scenes shots for his Instagram photography and filmography. However, with his sidekick and girlfriend Allie Beck, viewers get an irresistible look into the duo’s whimsical life as photographers, models, and artists. Kyle’s account also introduces several photography tips and presets that followers can use to up their own Instagram game as well!

6. Ben Ferree

@horizon_projectPart 2 of coronavirus photoshoot! ##coronavirus ##photoshoot ##photographytricks♬ Ghost – Confetti

Ben Ferree certainly specializes in your typical DSLR photography. However, he is also a big advocate of using your own iPhone to create stellar images. Utilizing his Sandmarc macro lens, he has showcased how users can use their own resources to create beautiful, colorful visuals for a relatively cheap price. He also posts several editing tutorials for followers to utilize as well.

7. LVN Studio

@lvnstudioPart 2: 1,2 or 3?! THANKS FOR 800k!! 🙏🏼 ##foryou ##fyp ##ciclyng ##behindthescenes ##photoshoot ##tiktoktrend ##parati ##sunset♬ Sunday Best by Surfaces – rapidsongs

Coined under LVN Studio, Diego is a portrait photographer that specializes in crystal-clear fluorescent model shots. With his signature warm tones and dazzling locations, this influencer has created a portfolio of glowing images with the help of stunning models, simple props and fantastic edits.

8. Brandon Woelfel

@brandon_woelfelReposting my most viral tiktok to remind myself that things will eventually go back to normal😔✌️ ##fyp♬ Closer by Nauges – sethanielc

Brandon Woelfel already boasts an incredible 3.1 million followers on Instagram, but his presence on TikTok is just as notable. Known for his dreamy neon themes and iconic luminescent pictures, the veteran influencer uses the TikTok platform to showcase motion visuals of his creative thinking and ideation process. He also shows to his followers the many neon and crystal props and settings that he utilizes to create his shimmering aesthetics.

9. Geo Leon

@geo_leonThis is what photographers see through our camera ##Fyp ##flowers ##foryou ##artistsoftiktok ##photographyeveryday ##trending ##art♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Geo Leon, a photographer based in Los Angeles, loves to incorporate intense facial makeup to create portraits that come straight out of a dream. With dark undertones and whimsical colors, this Top TikTok Photographer influencer explores the intersection between reality, fantasy, and a bit of cosplay once in a while. He also loves to show the makeup process and gives viewers a look into the many hours that it takes to create these images.

10. Jessie Dee

@jessiedeexxStranger photoshoot 📸 I get so nervous 😬 ##photoshoot ##photographer ##myphotography ##myphoto ##portrait ##portraits ##photography ##photographyeveryday♬ Say So – Doja Cat feat. Nicki Minaj

Our last top TikTok photographers influencer is Jessie Dee, a rising photography star. Just like many other photographers, she also likes to ask strangers to model in public spaces. Many of her videos also feature some behind-the-scenes bloopers and celebrity activations with other influencers who she photographs for as well. With her distinct clear style and beautiful contrasts in her images, we can’t wait to see more innovative content from this TikTok star!

If you’re interested in more top TikTok account information visit our blog. If you want to learn more about Tiktok and how it all started click here.


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This article was written by Shelby Leimgruber

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